Intensive Recovery.Couples/Marriage Counseling

is intended to accelerate recovery for a marriage or long-term relationship hampered by sex addiction, infidelity or betrayal.

This therapy model requires an investment in your relationship over a three-day period (generally Friday-Sunday) followed by a one-day session generally three to six months later or as otherwise needed. 

Because of this short time frame, we can see clients from anywhere in the United States or even outside the U.S.

If sex addiction or infidelity interferes with your marriage or other relationships, you may benefit from intensive recovery.

Dr. Wyatt wants you to achieve a healthy marriage/relationship through intensive recovery. At The Wyatt Group, we provide a safe, secure and confidential setting to address these and other very sensitive issues. For more information on intensive recovery, individual, or group therapy, contact The Wyatt Group at (405) 232-1000 in Oklahoma City.

RESTORE YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Our goal is to help restore you to a healthy marriage/relationship, a healthy sex life, and renewed intimacy so that you can enjoy all aspects of your relationship and your life. Call now for Intensive Recovery of your relationship. Your relationship is worth a three-day investment.

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New Beginnings.Sex Addiction Group Therapy Programs

  • For Men

    A 12-week program for men with sexual compulsion and relationship issues.
  • For Women

    A 12-week program for women with sexual compulsion and relationship issues.
  • For Partners/Spouses

    A 10-week program for women in a relationship with someone experiencing sexual compulsion/addiction and relationship issues.


New Beginnings is a program developed for sex addicts and their partners/spouses in Oklahoma.

At The Wyatt Group, we have developed programs specifically designed for men, for women, and for spouses & partners of sex addicts. While the goal of a healthy sex life is common to each program, the “processes” are unique for each group.

The spouses and partners of a sex addict are unique – the focus of therapy for these “innocent” participants requires a completely different approach because the issues and traumas are different for this group.

Call 232-1000 now for a New Beginning from Sex Addictions in Oklahoma.

In the New Beginnings programs in Oklahoma City, we provide Intensive Recovery treatment for:

  • Sexual Betrayal & Cheating (affairs or on-line sex)
  • Sex Chat Lines
  • Internet Pornography or Child Porn
  • Compulsive Sexual Relationships
  • Use of Prostitutes
  • Compulsive Masturbation
  • Voyeurism
  • Interactive & Live Porn 
  • Cybersex and On-line Relationships
  • Exhibitionism & Nudity
  • Violent Sex -- Sadomasochism (S&M), Bondage, Rape, Rape by Instrumentation, other
  • Child Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation, Incest
  • Soliciting Children/Minors for Sex
  • Fetishes or Paraphilia (involving sexual arousal focused on inanimate objects such as lingerie, hosiery, heels, leather, etc.)
  • Partialism (sexual arousal focused on a particular body part)
  • Sexual Fantasy, Sex Role-Play & Foreplay, Sex Play, Use of Sex Toys