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Dr. Wyatt employs techniques of intensive recovery to assist couples in dire need of immediate and intensive therapy to save a marriage or long-term relationship. Generally, Dr. Wyatt’s focus for intensive recovery has involved issues related to infidelity, betrayal and sexual addictions as noted above; however, your marriage/relationship may have other trauma that also requires intensive recovery therapy.

What is Intensive Recovery?

The intensive recovery model effectively delivers six months of therapy in a three-day intensive session with one-day follow-up sessions either three or six months after (or as otherwise needed). The goal of intensive recovery is to help restore trust and to give your marriage/relationship a chance at survival when no other therapeutic model has worked. This therapy can be merged with traditional counseling techniques on a more frequent basis if deemed appropriate or necessary.

Because the intensive recovery therapy model involves three consecutive days of intense therapy, we are able to see clients from all over the United States and even around the world. Whether you live in Oklahoma or even U.S., we can help restore your marriage with intensive recovery from sex addiction, infidelity or betrayal at our office in Oklahoma City.