Individual & Family Assessments

Individual and family evaluations are useful in employment, court and other settings. The Wyatt Group is engaged in performing individual and family evaluations for personal or legal purposes. Services may include psychological testing, interview, home studies, parenting, and other activities for evaluations depending on the needs of the client and the purpose of the evaluation. Psychological testing may or may not be recommended until a client interview is completed. If necessary, appropriate testing can be accomplished in a reasonable time frame. Home studies are routinely required in legal proceedings involving divorce, domestic abuse, delinquency, neglect, adoption, and other actions. Dr. Wyatt personally conducts the home studies which routinely include meetings with both sets of parents (or appropriate guardians), visits to the home or homes for evaluation of risk factors and observation of parent-child and sibling interaction, preparation of reports for presentation to the court or other requesting party. Dr. Wyatt has qualified as an expert witness and provides forensic evaluations. The Wyatt Group also mediates family disputes, either in litigation and other forums.

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