Teen Compulsion Girl’s Group

The Teenager Compulsion Group is an 8-week recovery group for girls dealing with sexually compulsive behaviors such, texting/sexting, porn addiction, social media and internet dating and the associated self-esteem issues. The therapist supervised group is a series of educational classes and small group experiences done in an atmosphere of safety, confidentiality, and respect.  The participant completes a written recovery plan and basic core tasks necessary for recovery.  This program is a unique and rich experience for those recovering from sexually compulsive behaviors.  An initial interview session is required for participation unless referred by a therapist/counselor.


  • Recognize and manage the consequences of sexual compulsion
  • Complete the basic tasks necessary for successful recovery and healing
  • Focus on the development of specific skills to avoid triggers and reduce shame
  • Implement a healthy sexual recovery plan
  • Build awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect
  • Create safe, confidential and respectful atmosphere
  • Enhance individual therapy by managing the behaviors in a structured program