Neurofeedback & Biofeedback – ADD & ADHD

Neurofeedback — “get your head in the game”

The Wyatt Group now offers neurofeedback for peak performance training. We use both BrainMaster and Neurocybernetics equipment. Effectively, these instruments allow one to train the brain through exercises monitoring of EEG brain waves. Again, the goal is to achieve a state of focus and attention — mind clearing so that during an act of stress, the brain reacts naturally instead of being thrown into chaos — ergo, peak performance. The goal of neurofeedback is to achieve an appropriate state at the appropriate time, and to recognize that state and know how to get there on demand.

Neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain) trains the brain directly, which allows it to function with greater control and stability. The brain is rewarded for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. Neurofeedback is based on electrical brain activity. It addresses problems of brain disregulation. This includes attention deficits, the anxiety-depression spectrum, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, migraines & headaches, chronic pain, PMS and emotional disturbances.

Electrodes are applied to the scalp to record brain wave activity. From presenting the info back to the person, the brainwave activity is “shaped” toward desirable, more regulated performance. Individuals of any age can benefit, such as: children with deficit disorders or adolescents with anxiety and depression. As we age, it can help maintain good brain function. Peak performers can enhance their ability in their sport, business, school and art using neurofeedback.

You can read more about neurofeedback at the web site of our education affiliate, EEG Spectrum, International, Inc. For some of the routine therapeutic uses of neurofeedback, see EEG Spectrum’s discussion at Therapeutic Applications.


We also offer biofeedback, where we implement the use of computers and software including Freeze-Framer, and The Journey to Wild Divine. Biofeedback techniques can be very powerful and effect your emotional and physical well-being in a positive way. Biofeedback teaches you to alter your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and other critical physiological functions. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases relaxation and energy, enhances creativity and focus, restores balance of mind and body and improves mental and physical performance.

One of the ways we measure biofeedback is through “The Journey To Wild Divine,” a daily, interactive, mind and body practice for healthy living. It’s a series of training programs that link personal, biofeedback hardware with your computer and allow you to discover a world of breathtaking beauty where you’ll practice breathing and meditation techniques to create a renewed sense of balance.

Another biofeedback program is Freeze-Framer 2.0, an interactive learning system with a tutorial and a patented heart rhythm monitor. This program allows you to learn to prevent stress by becoming aware of when the stress response starts and stopping it in that moment .