Couples Therapy

Couples therapy by nature involves both partners. In some instances the therapeutic model will require joint sessions with both partners and some individual sessions with one partner or the other. We are here to help you improve your relationship before it falls apart. If your relationship is already crumbling (or perhaps nearly dead), we also work at helping you restore or rebuild your relationship.

Counseling is confidential. Clients should feel comfortable that any information disclosed in therapy is limited to only that purpose unless other arrangements are made in advance by the client (for example disclosure to an attorney, court or employer but only at the client’s direction).

Visit our Oklahoma City office for your couples therapy.  We help those who are married,  getting married, or getting divorced and those with non-traditional relationships.  Our clients come from all over Oklahoma and some from Texas.  For intensive recovery, some travel from foreign countries for our services.

Dr. Vicki Harris Wyatt, is an Oklahoma Licensed Professional Counselor, who has been providing couples therapy in the private sector, not-for-profit organizations and institutional settings for more than 20 years. Dr. Wyatt’s degree is a doctorate in Family Relations. In addition to hands-on therapy, she has taught family relations and other courses at Northwestern State (NWOSU), Langston University and Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU), as well as four years at the OU Health Sciences Center.

In her private practice, she focuses on;

  • relationship issues (intimacy, trust, betrayal, etc)
  • communication
  • family counseling (children, in-laws, etc)
  • parenting
  • domestic violence
  • addiction issues (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc)
  • sex addiction therapy (compulsive sex, internet porn, prostitution, etc.)
  • anger management
  • grief counseling
  • infertility counseling
  • divorce counseling
  • custody counseling