New Beginnings for Women


While the goals for male and female sex addicts may be the same, the “process” is different for women. Women and men are built differently – mind, body and spirit. As a result, New Beginnings for Women must be uniquely designed to address women’s issues, triggers, responses, and recovery. The men’s approach just doesn’t apply to women.

This program is a unique and rich experience for those recovering from sex, love and relationship (SLR) addictions. New Beginnings is a 12-week program conducted in an atmosphere of safety, confidentiality, and respect. It employs a combination of educational classes and small group experiences to give you the support necessary to recover from this addiction. The participant completes a written recovery plan and basic core tasks necessary for recovery and discovers how to implement those to achieve a safe and happy sex life. An initial interview session is required for participation.


  • Recognize Sex, Love and Relationship (“SLR”) addictions
  • Recognize and manage the consequences of sexual compulsion
  • Complete the basic tasks necessary for successful recovery and healing
  • Focus on the development of specific skills to avoid triggers and reduce shame
  • Implement a healthy sexual recovery plan
  • Build awareness and insight
  • Create safe, confidential and respectful atmosphere
  • Enhance individual therapy by managing the addiction in a structured program

If you are not ready for a group therapy setting, arrangements can be made for individual therapy. Eventually, it is recommended that you be involved in group therapy where you will discover that you are not the only person suffering from this addiction and discover that freedom from addiction is possible.

Call Dr. Wyatt now to start your New Beginning. Dr. Wyatt looks forward to helping free you from your Sex, Love and Relationship compulsions or sexual addiction at her office in Oklahoma City.