New Beginnings – Partners Group for Women in Oklahoma

If your spouse or partner is cheating on you, if you have been betrayed time and again, or if your partner is addicted to sex, porn or internet relationships, you are entitled to a New Beginning.  Contact Dr. Vicki Wyatt in Oklahoma City to start your new beginning.


The New Beginnings for Spouses & Partners is a 10-week program specifically designed for women in a relationship with a partner experiencing sexual compulsion/addiction or relationship issues. The goals for the sex addict and for the sexual partner are really different. Partners face unique trauma, such as betrayal or public humiliation, that require a different approach to therapy and relationship survival.

Goals. To save your marriage or relationship we have developed ways to help you:

  • Cope with the trauma of discovery and disclosure
  • Manage the crisis
  • Deal with the emotional aftershock
  • Understand the nature of addiction
  • Communicate feelings
  • Develop a plan for support and self-care
  • Create a recovery plan

Like the sex addiction programs for men and women, this New Beginning program employs a combination of educational classes and small group experiences done in an atmosphere of safety, confidentiality, and respect. The participant completes a written recovery plan and basic core tasks necessary to heal from the trauma experienced from the betrayal in the relationship for recovery. An initial interview session is required for participation.

New Beginnings for Spouses & Partners is a group therapy program; however, Dr. Wyatt is willing to see clients in individual therapy if not ready for group therapy. At some point, group therapy is generally recommended, but we want you to get the benefit of treatment now if you are not ready for a group setting. Call now to start your New Beginning.