Three Day Intensives – Marriage & Couples Relationship Counseling

When every other option has failed or your relationship is just falling apart, Dr. Wyatt offers 3-day intensive recovery therapy.

At Wyatt Group Counseling, we work hard with you not just to save your marriage or relationship but to nurture it so that it can weather any storm and to help you achieve a happy and successful long-term relationship. In a three-day intensive session, the goal is to provide nearly six months of treatment over a three-day period, followed by another one-day intensive session a few months down the road and/or individual or couples therapy on an as-needed basis. This model is effective when the client is willing to devote the time and energy necessary to prepare for the three-day session and willing to give everything to ensure success during the three days of therapy. This is a grueling emotional and mental process, but the rewards are significant if the participants truly want to save their relationships. Generally Dr. Wyatt prefers to work with both spouses or partners, but there are situations where an individual three-day intensive is appropriate.

Vicki Wyatt is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), who studied one-on-one with two of the pioneers in sexual addiction therapy and three-day intensive therapy. Dr. Milton Magness (Houston) who is an author and leader in sexual addiction treatment who developed a unique 3-day intensive therapy model utilized by the Certified Hope and Freedom Practitioners (CHFP) is one of her mentors. Dr. Wyatt is the only CHFP in Oklahoma. She also studied with Dr. Kenneth Adams (Detroit), another respected author and leader in field sexual addiction therapy. Dr. Wyatt has participated in multiple training sessions with Dr. Patrick Carnes, who is considered by many as the leading authority in the field and author of many books on sexual addiction and Internet porn.

Vicki Harris Wyatt’s practice focuses on marriage and couples therapy including three-day intensive counseling specifically developed for sex and love addictions, betrayal and fidelity issues, porn addictions, intimacy issues, and other sexual boundaries. If your relationship issues involve matters other than inappropriate sexual behaviors, Dr. Wyatt can design a three-day intensive program to fit your needs. She is a firm believer that marriages and relationships have intrinsic and intangible value and are worth the effort to be saved. She knows that sex and porn addictions can be treated in individual, couples and/or group therapy. She offers each therapuetic model in order to develop the best outcome for the benefit of her clients. Dr. Wyatt is a member IITAP (International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals) and SASH (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health) and routinely immerses herself in the professional literature on issues involving sex, love and relationship addictions and Internet porn addictions. Dr. Wyatt is also lecturer on the subject when her schedule permits.

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